Accounting Supervisor/Controller (Remote)

Remote   |   Full Time


Job Description

Status: Reports to Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Reporting to the Accounting Supervisor/Controller are the Media Estimators (3).


Objectives: To supervise and participate in the performance of the following:

  • Bill clients for media space and time purchases in accordance with client billing instructions and standard agency procedures.
  • Pay media suppliers in a timely basis in accordance with established or contracted rates.
  • Keep the CFO advised of all potential and actual problems within the media billing and paying areas.
  • Be responsible for the payment and information flow between Strata, AccountAbility and OASYS Accounting System.


Responsibilities: Supervise the media estimators in performing the following work in accordance with client billing instructions and agency procedures.


  • Maintain open insertion order files by billing date.
  • On billing date, pull insertion orders and compute billing costs based on rates provided by Media Estimating.
  • Prepare invoices neatly based on insertion orders and in accordance with the client’s billing instructions.
  • Set up accounting distribution on accounting copy of the invoices.
  • Process adjustment invoices based on corrected insertion orders, revised estimates, credits or additional charges from suppliers.


  • Match supplier invoices to insertion orders.
  • If they agree, attach invoice to ID. Indicate discount, net payment and payment date. Post to publication record card and file by date payment is due.
  • If they do not agree, route to media estimating for reconciliation, but maintain a control so payment dates are not missed.
  • On payment date, type checks for all invoices that are due to be paid.




Month-End, Quarter-End, Year-End accounting duties

  • Assist in the monthly close process to compile the entries needed to integrate with the general accounting system.
  • Ensure billing is complete and accounts are reconciled in a timely manner.
  • Work closely with CFO to ensure media accounts are reported accurately for each period close.


Position Standards:

  • 5-7 years of media billing experience on the Strata media system.
  • Able to be a conduit with the media and account teams for all topics related to media billing and paying
  • Must be able to supervise and work with others.
  • This position is for a working manager.  The ideal candidate will be supervising media estimators as well performing billing and payment procedures.

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